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A young organization led by passionate people with zeal to make Healthy

We are a young organization led by passionate people with zeal to make Healthy, Chemical Free, Organic & Nutrient Rich Food & Products available to all and to inspire people to eat the best and live longer.

At the backend supply side, we see farming communities especially women are not getting their dues in form of appreciation of their hard work & incentives for adopting sustainable organic practices. We thought of marrying both roles by offering quality, healthy, nutrient-rich & certified organic products as per the need of consumers which are produced and the deserved value addition at source going to the organic farmers.




The Earth is a living, breathing entity. Without continuous care and nurturing there will be consequences too big to ignore. Earth Care can be taken to mean caring for the living soil. The state of the soil is often the best measure of the health and well-being of society. Our forests and rivers are the lungs and veins of our planet, which help the Earth live and breathe, supporting


If people's needs are met in compassionate and simple ways, their surrounding environment will prosper. People Care begins with ourselves and expands to include our families, neighbors and wider communities. The challenge is to grow through self-reliance and personal responsibility. Self-reliance becomes more feasible when we focus on non-material well-being, taking care of ourselves and others without producing or consuming unnecessary material resources.


If we are endowed with plenty, we can and should share with others. The growth in human consumption and the accelerating extinction of species make clearthe impossibility of continuous growth.Sometimes we need to make hard decisions and consider what enough is.



A young organization led by passionate people with zeal to make Healthy

We see our organic farmers as important stakeholders just like our partners in our mission. we create awareness about organic farming among farmers, giving them a platform to share their experiences, problems etc, supporting them with their training needs and also helping them financially & technically to get organic certification.

We are changing the landscape by organizing them into Self Help Groups (SHGs), help them in planning and adding value to their organic products so that they get better economic returns, generate local employment which keeps them motivated to bring more their land into organic.