1. Ragi Roti Recipe

    2 cups ragi flour
    1 cup finely chopped onions
    1/2 grated carrot
    2-3 green chilli chopped
    2 tbsp coriander leaves
    5-6 Curry leaves
    1 Tsp jeera
    2 Tsp white Til
    to taste Salt
    as needed Water

    1-In a mixing bowl add all the ingredients and mix well
    2-Slowly add water little by little and bring it to a soft dough, if your hands are sticky you can add little oil and mix
    3-Divide the dough to equal parts,Take a wax paper and spread the dough with greased fingers on the paper
    4-On a hot tawa, put a Tsp of oil and transfer the Rotti on the tawa then add oil on the edges of the Rotti and cook on both the sides
    5-Serve hot with gheee/butter.
    6-This goes well with chutney or with yoghurt

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  2. Popped Amaranth

    Organic Soul Amranth Seeds


    Step 1
    Preheat a high pot over medium-high heat.

    Step 2
    Spread about 1 Tablespoon at the time as evenly as possible on the bottom of the hot pot.

    Step 3
    Wait for the seeds to pop. This should be quite immediate. If they don't pop right away, the pot wasn't hot enough and the seeds won't pop and just burn. Discard that batch and start over.

    Step 4
    Once the popping starts, shake the pot to ensure all seeds pop and the popped seeds don't burn.

    Step 5
    Once the puffing ceases remove the popped amaranth and put into a sieve to shake out the unpuffed seeds.

    Step 6
    Then add the popped amaranth to a bowl and repeat the same process until all amaranth is popped.

    Step 7
    For every Tablespoon of raw amaranth you'll get about 2 Tablespoons popped amaranth.

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    1 tablespoon organic soul multi flora honey
    3 tablespoons lime juice
    2 tablespoons organic soul chia seeds
    2 mangoes, diced
    6 strawberries, sliced
    2 kiwifruit, diced
    1/2 cup blackberries / Pineapple Cubes


    Using a hot water bath, warm the honey slightly so it is easier to stir. Stir in the lime juice and chia seeds.
    In a large bowl, combine the mangoes, strawberries, kiwifruit, and the blackberries. Stir to mix.
    Drizzle the dressing over the fruit salad and toss lightly to coat. Serve cold.

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  4. Mint and Lime Iced Green Tea


    8 Organic Soul green tea bags
    8 cups (2 quarts) water
    1 bunch fresh mint
    1 1/2 cups organic soul brown sugar 
    To serve:
    1/2 cup freshly squeezed lime juice (from about 4 medium limes)
    6 fresh mint sprigs, for garnish (optional)
    1 medium lime, cut into sixths, for garnish (optional)



    Step 1
    Place the water in a medium pot and bring to a simmer over high heat. Remove from heat, add the tea bags and mint, cover, and let steep for 10 minutes.

    Step 2
    Once the tea has steeped, discard the tea bags, add the sugar, and stir until the sugar has completely dissolved. 
    Let cool to room temperature, then place in the refrigerator to cool completely, about 2 hours.

    To serve:

    Once the tea is cold, remove the mint and stir in the lime juice. Taste and adjust with more lime juice or sugar as desired. 
    Serve over

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  5. Classic Iced Tea


    8 organic soul assam black tea bags
    1 medium lemon or orange
    8 cups simmering water
    1 1/2 cups organic soul brown sugar 


    1. Place the tea bags in a large heatproof glass pitcher. Use a vegetable peeler to strip 
       the peel from the lemon or orange, avoiding as much of the white pith as possible, and add the peel to the pitcher.

    2. Pour the simmering water into the pitcher and let it steep for at least 5 minutes. Remove the tea bags and discard. Refrigerate the tea until cool.

    3. To serve, fill iced tea glasses with ice and pour the tea over the ice. Sweeten with organic soul brown sugar, if desired.

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  6. Quinoa Pulao Indian Recipe


    Organic Soul Quinoa 1 cup
    Ghee 2 tablespoons
    Cumin seeds 1 teaspoon
    Green cardamoms 5-6
    Cinnamon 1 inch
    Cloves 6-8
    Bay leaf 1
    Ginger finely chopped 1 inch
    Garlic chopped 1 tablespoon
    Onion finely chopped 1 medium
    Carrot cut into small cubes 1 small
    French beans diagonally sliced 6-8
    Green peas 1/3 cup
    Salt to taste
    Vegetable stock warm 3 cups
    Fresh coriander sprigs for garnishing


    Step 1
    Heat ghee in a non-stick pan. Add cumin seeds, cardamoms, broken cinnamon and cloves and sauté till fragrant.

    Step 2
    Add bay leaf, ginger and garlic and sauté for a minute. Add onion and sauté till golden.

    Step 3
    Add carrot an

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